Irene Vartanoff
Writer and Editor


Read my graphic romance novella, "The Beaufort Ghost"
(written as Nazalie Austin), at My Romance Story


And don't forget "Secret Dreams"
(written as Maggie Glessner) at My Romance Story


And "The Egyptian's Texas Spitfire" at My Romance Story


Also still available: "Breaking All the Rules," also at My Romance Story


A word of welcome to visitors:

Yes, I am the same Irene Vartanoff who had so many fan letters published in DC Comics.
Over 100 letters in about a two-year span. Many people have contacted me
through the years to say that they enjoyed my letters. Thank you.
I appreciate your interest. I am glad you loved those comic books, too.


In addition to writing Internet romance comics, I've been writing a romance blog for the past several years
under my old comic book nickname, Poison Ivy. Check it out at
if you are interested in romances, romance comics, romance themes in opera,
and romantic, good-looking men. Yep, it's all about romance.

A couple years ago, I started a personal finance blog, Lose Your Money Blues, under my Hopeful Lily byline,
which you can find at if talk about money issues interests you.

And I recently began a third blog at under my own name at last.
This blog is about comics, writing, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Eventually, I will get around to posting a complete list of the comic book stories
I wrote for DC Comics, and my coloring credits for Marvel Comics.
I'm a little busy right now, though, writing novels. More on this to come.

Thanks for stopping by.

Irene Vartanoff